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Kärcher S650

Sweeping five times faster than with a broom: The comfortable and back-friendly S 650 2-in-1 makes it possible. The break-resistant and corrosion-resistant sweeper comes with its powerful sweeping roller and its two side brushes to a sweeping width of 650 millimeters. The S 650 2-in-1 contains the standard side brooms for dry debris and 2 extra side brushes with harder bristles that are specially designed to remove and sweep up wet debris from the ground. The effort is worthwhile from an area of ​​40 m². The machine transports the debris directly into the 16 litre hopper and convinces with excellent cleaning results. The robust sweeper is easy to maneuver and is extremely manoeuvrable. The extra long bristles of the side brush ensure thorough cleanliness to the edge. The 2-way height-adjustable push handle with thermo-handle can be optimally adapted to the size of each user and can be completely folded down if necessary - for a space-saving, high-edge storage. The hopper can be easily removed and can be safely shut off and emptied without dirt contact.

List Price: €189. or call in to our showroom in person for our best deal.

Kärcher KM 70/15 C

The KM 70/15 C is an entry level high-value push sweeper with professional build-quality and a range of professional features. Sweeping 7 x faster than a conventional broom, the 70/15 dramatically reduces dust and guarantees consistent, thorough results. Featuring an adjustable side brush for cleaning right up to kerb edges. Ideal for cleaning paths, halls and warehouses quickly and efficiently. The machine folds flat for easy storage.

List Price: €599.
Our Price: €550.

Kärcher KM 70/20 C
The Kärcher 70/20 C is a compact push sweeper that is proven to be Seven times faster than using a broom, with dramatically better results. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
KÄRCHER’s KM 70/20 C offers a fast and convenient alternative to broom sweeping. The machine features a 20 litre waste container, adjustable roller brush and a side brush for edges, and is light and easy to use.

List Price: €750.
Our Price: €699.
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