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Lister Shears And Shearing Equipment

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As one of Galway's best known retailers in shearing equipment, we offer the widest range of shearing handpieces, machines, combs, cutters, tools and accessories on the market. We also carry out a precision sharpening service for all sheep and equestrian combs and cutters on site.

For more information, please contact us on 090 96 88840 or 0872348687 or send us an email today.

Shearing Machines
Lister Nova
Designed for farmers all over the world that shear, the Lister Nova is a single speed, robust machine that operates through a 1.8 metre flexible drive. Ideal for use with portable generators or car batteries (in the case of the 12V versions) as they have a very low starting current. Available in either mains or 12V versions. 

List Price: €1250 for complete package or call in to our showroom in person for our best deal. 

Lister Nexus
The Worlds leading capacitor start and run machine comes with standard speeds of 2800, 3200 and 3500 rpm to suit all shearing conditions. Its low starting current means that it can be either mains or generator powered, making it ideal for use in sheads or on shearing trailers. The motor, capacitor and switch are all contained inside an impact resistant moulded casing and is operated by a rope pull switch.

List Price: €1430 for complete package or call in to our showroom in person for our best deal.

lister nexus qr 300


Laser 2 Equestrian Shears
The Laser 2 is a heavy duty durable clipper which can be purchased with an optional interchangeable sheep shearing head. This clipper is available with either a mains supply or 12V vehicle battery leads for areas with no mains electricity. With an extremely powerful 180W motor the Laser 2 will cope with the most challenging clipping situations, cutting through dense, dirty coats with ease.

Lister Laser 2 Equestrian Shears

As the first permanent magnet motor clipper on the market, the Star is a powerful, fast and efficient clipper that maintains a constant speed even in areas where the coat becomes particularly thick or dirty. The Star clipper has a slim, balanced grip  for comfort, and is lightweight to minimise tiredness when clipping.

lister star clipper

Combs and Cutters
We sell a wide selection of combs and cutters for all your shearing needs. For more information and for prices of individual combs and cutters, please contact us on 0872348687 or 090 96 88840 or call into our showroom today.

The above are just a sample of the vast range of shearing products we have in stock. We also have spare parts for all shearing products. For more information, please contact us on 090 96 88840 or 0872348687 or send us an email today.

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